The Fosters

Many of these locations are private houses. It is forbidden to enter these properties. Please do not disturb the residents by ringing their doorbell.

The Fosters offers many real locations and only a few studio recordings. As usual, most of the locations are in and around L.A. and not in San Diego, where the series takes place.

The House of Fosters

The Foster family house really exists and even the house number matches and hasn’t been changed for the shoot.

2330 E First St, Long Beach, CA, USA

Anchor Beach

The school Anchor Beach directly on the beach is probably the dream of every student. In reality the building is not a school, but the Cabrillo Beach Bath House, a leisure center.

Entrance of the Cabrillo Beach Bath House in 3800 Stephen M White Dr, San Pedro, CA, USA

The beach of the Anchor Beach

The volleyball court of the Anchor Beach

The foster father’s house

The house appears for the first time in the pilot episode. It is the house where Callie and Jude first live until Callie is sent to juvenile custody and is then temporarily taken in by the Fosters. Then Callie and Brandon rescue Jude from this house. Towards the end of the third season, Jack’s body is found in the house after he was killed by the same foster father.

290 W 18th St, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Girls United

The (former) house of Girls United was quite easy to find by an information letter, what went to the residents at that time. It is a residential house near Sunset Blvd. and was sold in 2001 for over 500,000 US dollars.

766 E Kensington Rd, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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