American Vandal

American Vandal is a Mockumentary, which recently premiered on Netflix. The series sets in Oceanside, California, but was probably shot in the area of Venice and Los Angeles. The Hanover High School Some might recognize the building, as it has been used as filming location in several movies and series, e.g. Carrie (1976), Star Wars (1977), Popular… read more »


Wrecked is a comedy show from the US channel TBS and a parody on the series Lost. The Island Although it’s supposedly always the same island, you can clearly see that the location of the second season differs from that of the first season and in fact, the locations are almost 15,000 km apart. According… read more »

Switched at Birth

Die ABC-Serie Switched at Birth spielt in Kansas City, wie viele Serien befinden sich die Drehorte aber alle in Kalifornien. Das Haus der Kennish Familie Das Haus existiert wirklich, ist allerdings leider überhaupt nicht von der Straße aus einsehbar. Es befindet sich mitten in Beverly Hills und war im Jahr 2011 für 100.000 US-Dollar pro Monat zu… read more »

Fuller House

Das Netflix Revival der erfolgreichen Serie Full House spielt wie die ursprüngliche Serie viel in Innenräumen, daher gibt es hier noch weniger Drehorte als bei Full House. Das Tanner / Fuller Haus Das Haus, welches für Außenansichten verwendet wird, ist leider nicht mehr das Original-Haus aus Full House. Aufgrund des gewaltigen Fanansturms durften seit 1987 keine Filmaufnahmen des… read more »

Full House

The series Full House should be familiar to almost everyone, at the latest after the Netflix Revival Fuller House. The series itself plays a lot in the house of Tanners and most of the scenes are set indoors. The few outdoor scenes that exist were partly shot in the studio, but especially from the intro,… read more »


Mortified is an Australian television series that was premiered on Nine Network Australia in Australia in 2006. Taylor Fry’s Home The house of Tayor is actually located directly at the beach. If one turns the following Google Street View around, one has a wonderful view to the sea. 436-438 The Esplanade, Palm Beach, QLD, Australia Brittany’s Home… read more »

The Fosters

The Fosters offers many real locations and only a few studio recordings. As usual, most of the locations are in and around L.A. and not in San Diego, where the series takes place. The House of Fosters The Foster family house really exists and even the house number matches and hasn’t been changed for the… read more »

Lethal Weapon

No, it’s not about the very successful movie series, it’s about the reboot series Lethal Weapon with Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. Fortunately, this series wasn’t shot entirely in the studio either, so you can see some locations, at least from the outside. Roger Murtaugh’s house It’s a bit over the top that a simple… read more »

Grounded for Life

The series Grounded for Life was shot at the beginning of the 2000s. Unfortunately the series was shot completely at CBS Studio in Hollywood. Even outdoor shots of the Statue of Liberty and other prominent locations in New York City were clearly shot in front of a blue screen. This is very obvious, because for… read more »

Those Who Can’t

The teacher series Those Who Can’t is produced by TruTV. Since the series takes place almost exclusively in high school, there are only a few locations. But: the high school building really exists! The Reed Smoot High School Even though the series is set in Denver, Colorado, USA, the school building is in California and… read more »