Wrecked is a comedy show from the US channel TBS and a parody on the series Lost. The Island Although it’s supposedly always the same island, you can clearly see that the location of the second season differs from that of the first season and in fact, the locations are almost 15,000 km apart. According… read more »

Fuller House

Das Netflix Revival der erfolgreichen Serie Full House spielt wie die ursprüngliche Serie viel in Innenräumen, daher gibt es hier noch weniger Drehorte als bei Full House. Das Tanner / Fuller Haus Das Haus, welches für Außenansichten verwendet wird, ist leider nicht mehr das Original-Haus aus Full House. Aufgrund des gewaltigen Fanansturms durften seit 1987 keine Filmaufnahmen des… read more »

Full House

The series Full House should be familiar to almost everyone, at the latest after the Netflix Revival Fuller House. The series itself plays a lot in the house of Tanners and most of the scenes are set indoors. The few outdoor scenes that exist were partly shot in the studio, but especially from the intro,… read more »