The TV series Suburgatory takes place in a suburb of New York City, names Chatswin. In fact the city doesn’t exist, but furthermore it hasn’t been even shot in the near of New York, but rather in the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Anyway there are a few houses outside the studio which can be… read more »

Switched at Birth

Die ABC-Serie Switched at Birth spielt in Kansas City, wie viele Serien befinden sich die Drehorte aber alle in Kalifornien. Das Haus der Kennish Familie Das Haus existiert wirklich, ist allerdings leider überhaupt nicht von der Straße aus einsehbar. Es befindet sich mitten in Beverly Hills und war im Jahr 2011 für 100.000 US-Dollar pro Monat zu… read more »

The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs is about the Goldberg family and is based on earlier experiences of the producer Adam F. Goldberg. Even though some parts are very different from his real life, Goldberg did not have a sister, but two brothers, for example, but there are always original recordings in the series, which Goldberg had recorded as… read more »