ALF, the small, furry Alien Life Form, started 1986 on NBC. There aren’t many filming locations available, because no-one should see ALF , many scenes play in the house of the Tanner family.

The Tanner House

Every ALF fan should know the exterior view of the house. In the many episodes, the address is mentioned, e.g. when ALF orders pizza. The given address is 167 Hemdale Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA, anyway this address doesn’t exist throughout the United States. In fact, the house actually stands in Los Angeles, but it does not exist anymore. It was already demolished in 2012 and replaced by a typical Mediterranean house. The original house was built in 1926 and was probably not renovated, so it is not surprising that the house was demolished, as the property was sold for 5.7 million US dollars in 2013.

Good thing that Google Street View has taken the house before the demolition.

This is private property. Trespassing is prohibited. Please do not disturb the residents by knocking at their door.

The Tanner House (2007): 708 Moreno Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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